CoinTracking – Track performance of cryptocurrencies with ease


As trade and investment through cryptocurrencies become more and more frequent, cryptocurrency app services are growing rapidly. Because of this, users need tools to track their portfolios. It is important for them to analyze their portfolios for performance and tax purposes. This article highlights one of those tracker platforms:

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A platform that’s indispensable tracks your cryptocurreny transactions to assess profits and losses. Information like this is indispensable for online sellers and tax-paying investors. The company says it can import data from over 40 exchanges. It also claims to be able to track more than 5000 digital currencies so that traders can easily monitor their investment performance. The ceo of CoinTracking, Dario Kachel, founded his business because he too had trouble doing his taxes.

Cointracking is a must-have Portfolio Monitor for all your Cryptocurrencies

Simplified platform adapted to all types of users

Monitoring cryptomoney transactions can be a nightmare, even for a tax accountant. appeals to novice and experienced traders alike, because the platform provides the easiest way to manage multiple portfolios in one place. CoinTracking stores price history and calculates gains, losses, current values and facilitate tax reporting for all tax authorities around the world. This is why their customer base includes seasoned traders who want to keep track of thousands of transactions per day.

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